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Pestle & Mortar Set


  • Stainless Steel Build
  • Easy Cleaning, Non-Skid Base
  • Functional Design
  • Easy Handling, Ergonomic Design

Product Description

Stainless Steel Build: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel. This ergonomic pestle and mortar set assures premium long-lasting quality and durability through years of use.

Easy Cleaning, Non-Skid Base : Along with extra durability it is dishwasher safe. No matter grinding, pounding, crushing, or something powerful it always standing there securely. It is Dishwasher Safe, cleaning was never so easy!

Functional Design: Ideal for constant wear and use without damage, because of material structure. This Pestle & Mortar Set is ideal for all culinary enthusiasts letting you control precisely what flavorings and seasonings go into your food.

Easy Handling, Ergonomic Design : The inner bowl of this set is uniquely designed to adjust and effectively grind and mix dry and wet mixes alike with a long and easy-grip handle.


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