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Zulfiqar Sword Z-786



Zulfiqar is the sword of Ali the prophet and it is famous with its strong reputation. You can buy zulfiqar sword online and add some custom made details. We ship our swords all over the world free shipping. We offer you customer  satisfaction. Buy Ottoman swords with the best price.The best place to find real reğlicas of swords is here. We hand forged in fire and process a lot of steps to get strong and knock proof swords.  Zulfiqar Sword  is a real medieval time sword type except being miniature. It is the sword of  Ali the prophet . Yataghan is famous for its high quality swords. Most of them still use hand forged methods.


  • The length : 23.6” (60  cm)
  • Material : 4034 Stainless steel
  • Hand forged in fire and 52 – 58 Rockwell (HRC) Hardness
  • Processed under 500-600 Celsius during 5-6 hours
  • Handle : Walnut tree
  • It is mono block piece which means the handle part  mounted on the steel
  • It is produced as knock proof
  • Brass between blade and handle. Brass material is not plated, it is original brass piece
  • Weight of sword : 1000-1500 g


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