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Damascus Steel Neck Less D-3



Product Description

Pendant shield of Damascus steel handmade forged steel.
Damascus is welded from tool and structural steels for durability.

Forged steel according to the traditional classic recipe and contains up to 300 layers. The pendant, like all my knives made of Damascus steel, was heat treated in an oven at 850 degrees and has a hardness at the level of a combat knife (59-61 HRC)
This is real damask steel not engraving or drawing. Each pendant has its own unique pattern, like a fingerprint.

Leather skins can be added separately, you can buy a pendant without a leather cord and add a cord or chain more suitable for you on your own.

There are two options for forging a pattern of steel, classic (when the layers of steel will be parallel) and the end pattern of steel.
You can choose a steel pattern.

Length – 40mm. (1.5 inch)
Width – 26 mm. (1 inch)
Thickness – 3.5 mm. (0.14 inch)
Leather cord length: 65cm. (25 inch)

I can put any logo you need on any shape of the pendant, write to me.


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